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At Trimax Employment, our team has a vast amount of experience connecting sales professionals with valued and rewarding jobs. There is a continual need for qualified candidates to join our applicant pool due to the high demand for sales talent in a variety of industries in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re looking for a short-term contract or a long-term career, there are opportunities to be filled! Find the right sales position for you, get started with our team today!

Our Sales Jobs

Business Development Manager

Set goals and develop plans for revenue growth, oversee the sales team and more.

Sales Representative

Generate leads, meet and exceed sales goals, negotiate contracts and more.

Sales Manager

Provide guidance and training, set goals, create strategies and more.

Business Development Representative

Analyze market reports, establish new opportunities, create proposals and more.

Sales Assistant

Manage transactions, data entry, answer general customer questions and more.

Inside Sales Representative

Close deals, follow up with customers, develop referrals and more.

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A successful and effective sales team is crucial for many owners to succeed in growing their business. If you’re looking for high-level communicators to bring in new business, get started with Trimax Employment today. We have a large talent pool of quality candidates who possess the right skills and experience to succeed in Sales. We’re here to connect you with top talent to grow your business successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers, the costs associated with our services depend on the volume of service you require from us, the worker’s salaries and how quickly you need candidates. For candidates, Trimax Employment does not charge candidates for any aspect of our services.

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It depends on the nature of each position. We only send you candidates that we believe have the right blend of skills and experience to fit your job needs and work culture.

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Once you provide us with your complete work history, the type of position you’re looking for, availability and more, this provides us with a basic understanding of your goals. In an interview with our team, we’ll discuss your skills, career goals and what you’re looking for to give us a better understanding of the perfect job for you.

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For businesses, the recruitment process is complex and time-consuming. With our services, you can keep your focus on your business while we select the right candidates for your company. For jobseekers, this process can be long and draining. Focus on building your skills and preparing for interviews rather than sending out resume after resume.

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