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Looking to hire? Trimax Employment is the right choice for companies with staffing needs in the GTA and other provinces of Canada as well. Get started with our reliable and experienced team today!

Looking to Hire? We Work With
a Wide Range of Companies & Industries to Find Talent

Our experience reaches across a variety of industries and companies. We are a team of professionals working with employers in the Greater Toronto Area to meet their staffing and fulfillment needs. We take the time necessary to identify outstanding candidates throughout the area and match them with you. Our team takes the time to screen potential candidates so that we can ensure that we are helping you transform your business in a meaningful way.

Looking for Reliable Employees to
Meet Staffing Needs?

Find the right candidate for your position today! Get started
with Trimax’s proven employment process.

Finding The Best

Our team uses proven methods to find the best candidates with the right skillset and experience needed for your company’s opening.

Creative Ways
to Hire

Our team considers intangible and transferable skills to ensure that we’re providing candidates that are dedicated, professional and team players.

Proven Results with
Trimax Employment

Our team at Trimax Employment has successfully matched hundreds of candidates with companies across the GTA.

Looking to hire? We Work with a wide range of companies & industries to find talent.

Our team devotes our focus on finding and working with our talented candidates to pre-screen them and bring your highly qualified talent. We work with companies to understand their specific needs so that we can recruit the right talent so that you and your team can meet your company goals. Trust Trimax Employment to provide you talent that has the right experience and skillset needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The costs associated with our services depend on the volume of service you require from us, the worker’s salaries and how quickly you need candidates.

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It depends on the nature of each position. We only send you candidates that we believe have the right blend of skills and experience to fit your job needs and work culture.

Get in touch with us to get started with our services.
Yes we can! If you require a background check, just let us know. We can carry out driver’s record checks, drug screenings, criminal checks and more.

Get in touch with us to get started with our services.
The recruitment process is complex and time-consuming. With our services, you can keep your focus on your business while we select the right candidates for your company. Eliminating the need for you to sift through unqualified job seekers.

Get in touch with us to get started with our services.