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Every business is in need of someone who can efficiently manage, hire and train employees. Finding the right company where your skills will be put to good use and you can continue to grow, professionally can be a long and drawn-out process. Working with Trimax Employment means working with a team of experienced employment solution specialists that can help you cut through the clutter of companies, to find the right one.

Our Human Resource Jobs

VP of Human Resources

Oversee the management of payroll and benefits, create and implement new policies and more.

HR Specialist

Plan and implement staffing
strategies, create and manage job postings and more.

HR Assistant

Screening candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting research
and more.

Director of Human Resources

Plan, lead, direct, develop and coordinate an organization’s policies, activities, staffing and more.

Benefits Coordinator

Implement, manage and inform employees about current and future benefits packages at an organization


Source, screen and coordinate interviews for potential candidates for an organization’s hiring needs.

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As your business grows, your team expands and your business relies on them to continue! That’s why you need to put in the effort in finding the right people for every position. However, as the team expands, it can be hard to look after each person yourself. An HR department can do that for you. As a business owner, you need a reliable team of HR professionals that you trust. Our team at Trimax Employment can provide you with highly skilled HR professionals to take care of all your Human Resource needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers, the costs associated with our services depend on the volume of service you require from us, the worker’s salaries and how quickly you need candidates. For candidates, Trimax Employment does not charge candidates for any aspect of our services.

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It depends on the nature of each position. We only send you candidates that we believe have the right blend of skills and experience to fit your job needs and work culture.

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Once you provide us with your complete work history, the type of position you’re looking for, availability and more, this provides us with a basic understanding of your goals. In an interview with our team, we’ll discuss your skills, career goals and what you’re looking for to give us a better understanding of the perfect job for you.

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For businesses, the recruitment process is complex and time-consuming. With our services, you can keep your focus on your business while we select the right candidates for your company. For jobseekers, this process can be long and draining. Focus on building your skills and preparing for interviews rather than sending out resume after resume.

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